by PapaTutuWawa




Page Verification

In order to allow people to verify that a post has really been created by me, I sign all blog posts and my "About" page using my public key.

Using My Script

To verify a page, you can use this script (signature), which you can also find here in my blog repository. "$URL", where $URL is the URL on my blog you want to verify.

WARNING: Never execute a script that you downloaded from the Internet without checking it first. This also holds true for this one.

What The Script Does

The following are the steps that my script takes to verify a page's signature. It is written down so that you could verify a page signature even without downloading my script.

  • Download the page source to "page.html"
  • Extract the PGP signature from the top and save it to "page.html.sig"
  • Replace the signature in "page.html" with "%%%SIGNED_PAGES_PGP_SIGNATURE%%%" (Without the ")
  • Verify using gpg --verify page.html.sig page.html